Vacating Tenants


We will be checking that all these things are completed at the final inspection:

  1. Stove - oven, range hood, hot plate, griller & drip trays to be thoroughly cleaned.
  2. Air- vents & venetians to be dusted.
  3. Air conditioner filters cleaned.
  4. Windows, window screens & window sills to be cleaned thoroughly including tracks.
  5. All cupboards inside & out to be left clean & all personal items to be removed.
  6. Marks to be removed from walls and ceiling- suggest Sugar Soap from Hardware Stores.
  7. All switches and power points cleaned.
  8. All flyscreens to be cleaned.
  9. All light fittings, ceiling fans and electric exhaust fans to be cleaned.
  10. All floors to be washed & all skirtings to be washed.
  11. Cobwebs to be removed (inside & outside).
  12. We prefer carpets to be professionally steam cleaned.
  13. Blinds and curtains clean and free of dust.
  14. All doors including front door and door frames clean.
  15. Bathroom, shower and vanity clean and hair free.
  16. Toilet clean, sanities and hair free
  17. Laundry clean, sink free of rust and foreign material.
  18. Patio's and veranda's swept and tidy.
  19. If you have pets all carpets must be flea bombed and deodorised. Ask carpet cleaners to do this.
  20. Refrigerator, washing machine and any white goods to be cleaned inside & behind (if applicable).
  21. Lawns to be mowed & edged, flower beds & pebble areas to be weeded.
  22. No rubbish to be left in the garden at all and all paths to be swept free of debris.
  23. No cigarette butts, bottle tops etc to be left in garden.
  24. Particular attention should be payed to bathroom, toilet, bathroom cabinets, shower recess & shower tracks to be scrubbed, grouting to be free of all soap, residue and mildew. Shower screens & curtains to be washed.
  25. Driveways, carports, garages & all concrete areas to be free from oil & grease stains. "Yuk-Off" (hardware stores).
  26. Council Bins to be put out front for next collection (ensure appropriate bins are used or you will be charged.)
  27. All items & inventory to be accounted for and left clean including laundering of all linen. Quilts to be dry cleaned and receipts to be provided.
  28. Replace all blown light globes.
  29. Copy of Tenant Handbook to be left on kitchen bench top when vacating.
  30. Garages and Sheds to be emptied and swept

Please note if the house has a septic system please make sure any chemicals used at the property are septic system friendly.

If you require any assistance with these items please refer to your Tenant Handbook. If you are still unsure please call Asha on 0411 355 268 or Kimberley on 0448 896 454.