Landlord Insurance

The majority of Landlords take out Landlord Insurance to ensure that their property is covered in the unfortunate event their tenants don't do the right thing.

Before taking out a Landlord Insurance Policy we recommend you find out what the policy covers. Please find below a list of items we feel are important to be included in a Landlord Insurance Policy:

  • Property non tenantable
  • Tenants Absconding
  • Default of Rent
  • No Vacant Possession
  • Death of Sole Tenant
  • Legal Expense
  • Prevention of Access
  • Tax Audit - GST
  • Malicious Damage
  • Murder and Suicide
  • Accdental Loss or Damage to Contents
  • Malicious Damage Caused by Tenant
  • Theft of Contents
  • Legal Liability Cover

For more information on Landlord Insurance please contact us any time.